The Padless Period™ by Ella Mak


Tired of period leaks and stained bed sheets? Maybe your one of the countless women who experience erratic periods or suffer reactions while wearing disposables. Our Period Proof Panties offers the option to forego the use of traditional pads and tampons for a healthier more sustainable alternative!

Why not ditch those chemically laced disposables for our lightweight, breathable and stylish Period Proof Panties. 

No leaks, no mess, no worries! 

Try them risk free ~ FREE shipping + 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Period Proof Bamboo Underwear

3 Pack $69.99 +FREE SHIPPING 

Our Bamboo Period Proof Panties fit slightly higher up the front and offer a little extra coverage in the rear if that's your thing! They can handle up to 2 tampons worth of fluid and topped with a mesh liner for added comfort. 

Period Proof Poly Blend Underwear

3 Pack $59.99+FREE SHIPPING

One of the softest undies you'll ever slip into, our super sleek poly blend period panties are lined with an absorbent inner layer,  waterproof backing and topped with an inner mesh liner, to help keep you feeling dryer for longer, they can easily handle the equvalant of 2 tampons (10 ml)  

Leak Proof Bamboo underwear

3 Pack $49.99+FREE SHIPPING

Offering all the same awesome benefits as our Cotton leak proof undies, with the added anti micro bacterial benefits that bamboo fabric has to offer, no wonder it's one of our most popular! 

Leak Proof Cotton Underwear

3 Pack $39.99+FREE SHIPPING

Our super soft cotton undies are perfect for everyday leak proof protection. Lined with a leak proof inner layer to provide confidence and peace of mind.

Shipping and Customer Service

All orders are shipped within 24 hours with FREE shipping Canada, USA and 35 other countries. (please note Free shipping is not applicable with promotional offers)


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