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Nano silver what is it? And how is being used in your everyday clothing

Nano silver what is it? And how is being used in your everyday clothing

Nano silver technology is nothing new, the use of Ionic silver applications in clothing has been around for years and is widely used in the clothing industry, mainly touted for its ability to be antibacterial in flighting odors.  Used in everything from socks, athletic wear, bedding and even underwear! But some scientists now to worry that adding so much Nano silver to so many things could potentially harm our health and the environment and there are several studies out there to support these concerns.

Some big brands use what they call a ‘non-migratory silver ionic application’ to help fight odor maybe referring to it as ‘non migratory’ leads one to believe that it’s safe?  But were not convinced just yet, many studies we found claimed anything but the opposite, as big brands continue to tout it as being highly effective as antimicrobial agents and safe for humans, but recent studies show otherwise, not only that can it be absorbed through epidermis potentially causing hazard affects, clothing made using Nano silver can leech chemicals into our water having hazardous implications to our ecosystems as it’s known to be highly toxic to aquamarine life. 

While there are many factors that can contribute to the toxicity of the of silver nanoparticles, including size, shape, surface coating, surface charge and potential reactions including how it reacts with moisture in the air, and what about moisture down there? 

Since Nano silver can go place in the body that larger silver particles can’t, it may be small enough to enter cells or cross the blood–brain barrier.  The real-world implications of this remain an area of ongoing research and until further in-depth studies are conducted do you really want to overload the largest organ in your body to these nasty chemicals?  There are plenty of other options out there, so please do your research and consider Nano sliver free products.

Guest Blogger Anne Fricke is an author, performance poet, podcaster, mother, wife and campfire storyteller. You can learn more about her at

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