The Padless Period™ by Ella Mak

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As the founder of The Padless Period™ and Mother of 4, when it comes to menstruation situations I've seen it all! Consider me a mommy on a mission, in my quest to help my 3 daughters cope with managing menstrual issues ranging from anxiety around erratic periods, nighttime leaks, sever reactions to pads and tampons,  and oh let’s not forget the occasional bladder leak!

I’ve spent last two years with the help of my daughters researching, analyzing and testing style, functionality and absorbency of materials, the results enabled us to create stylish yet effective, eco and budget-friendly period panties for girls like mine. 

As a one-time single mom I get it, that’s why offering budget friendly alternatives without compromising on style and effectiveness is a top priority!

With the invaluable feedback from my tween, teen and young adult daughters,  I believe this has provided me with an upper hand in designing period panties that meet the unique demands of young adults today. Stylish and discreet yet dependable and durable, our Padless Panties are better for you, the environment and your pocket book too!

Try them risk free, if you're not completely satisfied we'll offer you a full refund.


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