The Padless Period™ by Ella Mak


We have a number of awesome fabric options, check them out to decide which one is best for you!  

1. Polyblend

One of the softest Panties you'll ever slip into!  Our Polyblend Period Panties are super comfortable, fit well, and are oh so sleek, they feel as if there ‘hugging’ your skin! Our polyweave fabric is extremely permeable, allowing moisture to pass through easily. It is designed so that moisture is pulled away from small holes in the weave towards the outside layers of the fabric, where it can evaporate, thus helping you feel dryer longer. Another great benefit of our Polyblend is it’s durability, it can last a very long time provided it’s cared for properly. 

2. Cotton 

Made for comfort, our stretchy super soft cotton undies are perfect for everyday wear. Cotton itself is natural and it boasts the trifecta of softness, absorbency and breathability. Its softness is gentle on your skin, its absorbency wicks away perspiration, and its breathability facilitates evaporation of moisture that might otherwise be trapped and encourage the growth of bacteria causing odors.  Our Cotton undies are a great option for those with sensitive skin.   

3. Bamboo 

Bamboo is one of the softest, if not the softest material you can buy and it feels more like a high-quality silk or cashmere, making our Bamboo undies extremely comfortable to wear! 

Bamboo has incredible moisture wicking capabilities, being able to keep you dry even if there is excess sweat. Our Bamboo Leak Proof and Period Proof Panties are also very absorbent, due to the micro-gaps in the bamboo fibre.  The main benefit of bamboo it’s anti-bacterial abilities. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial agent called “
bamboo kun”, which is found in the bamboo fibre. This helps keep you free of bacteria, and odors so you're feeling clean and dry all day long.  Bamboo has great temperature control: it keeps you warm on cooler days, and cool on warm days. 

If you suffer from any allergies or have any persistent skin irritations, bamboo might be the perfect choice for you.  

Whatever fabric you choose, you can't go wrong with the Padless Panty™ . All our Leakproof and Period Proof undies are designed with your comfort in mind, classic, simple and tagless designs with protection that extends fully from front to back and a wider cut across the back end preventing the dreaded panty wedgie!  No worries at the Padless Panty™ we've got you covered! 

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