The Padless Period™ by Ella Mak

Period Proof Panties 3 PK Bamboo


Woman wearing the Padless Panty, period proof period panties, Black, Bamboo, menstrual underwear
Woman wearing the Padless Panty, period proof period panties, Black, Bamboo, menstrual underwear Woman side view wearing the Padless Panty, period proof period panties, Black, Bamboo, menstrual underwear Period Proof Panties 3 PK Bamboo Period Proof Panties 3 PK Bamboo Woman back view Woman wearing the Padless Panty, Period proof period panties, Black, Bamboo, menstrual underwear

Fun fact: Bamboo has amazing antibacterial abilities. It carries a natural antimicrobial agent called “bamboo kun” that helps keep you free of odors and bacteria all day long—making it the perfect material for Period Proof Panties. If you deal with persistent allergies or skin irritation, these are an ideal choice for you! 

Like the rest of our line, our Bamboo panties feature leak-resistant lining including a mega-absorbent inner liner and an outer mesh liner to keep you feeling dry. Combining fashion and function, our full brief Period Proof Bamboo Panties offer a more comfortable and eco-friendly way to manage your menstruation. 

(FIT GUIDE:  Our Bamboo Briefs provide fuller coverage overall and are cut slightly wider in the gusset in comparison to our Bikini style. Since most of us bloat and or retain water during our periods, we recommend sizing up one size larger than your ‘regular size’.

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Jessica R.
United States United States


I had tried the polyester ones and wasn’t a fan. I was contacted by their (wonderful) customer service and tried the bamboo in a larger size. As customer service explained, youre usually bloated on your period aka a bigger size, makes sense. I’m usually a large so I got an xl, great fit. The bamboo is soft and sits comfortably, not too low or too high. I would recommend these! Also, awesome customer service!!

United States United States

The Gift of a Stress Free Period!

Between the soft fabric and high waist form, the comfort is incredible. The padded area of the underwear was surprisingly moldable and unintrusive (an issue I had with Modibodi). The stress-free aspect of the underwear is priceless. I love to double it up with a menstrual cup and smile in the peace of mind that if my menstrual cup falters, I'm covered. Environmentally conscious, overall cheaper, & effective at what it's meant to do: I'm glad I permanently switched to a padless period!

Canada Canada

Awesome undies

I bought these underwear not expecting to start an early menopause. After 10 months of no period, and thinking I was free and clear, I was surprised one night by an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo. So, here I was, middle of the night, no pads, thinking what the heck will I do now! Then I remembered my period panties! Whoot!!! I put them on, they were super comfy to sleep in. My flow was a little heavier than normal. No leakage overnight. Next day, and a fresh pair, I survived an 8 hour shift and work, same deal, no leakage or odour. I’ve always had a sensitivity to traditional pads, which caused some discomfort and itching. No problems at all with these underwear. Absolute game changer. Toss these bad boys in the washer, hang to dry and you’re good to go. I’ve been period free for another few months, who knows, maybe this is it, but if not, I’m prepared with my period panties.


The Padless Period™

Thanks for the review, so happy to hear you loved them!

Wanda ..
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Definitely worth it

Really fabulous product! We have all 4 types. At 40 something it took me some time to trust these not having grown up with them, but so glad to have found them for myself and our girls. They definitely take the stress out of managing different scenarios as a teen. I love the fact that it's another way to be eco friendly and also there's no need to worry about the hygiene around changing pads or tampons in new environments that may not be as hygienic or convenient as home.

Canada Canada

No stress since theres no mess!

Super comfy, they really take away that awful feeling of waking up to a red bed since you just slip them on and forget about it. And they take all the stress out of the time of the month they have you covered if you aren't expecting it.(Personally the bamboo are my favorite and I recommend them to anyone)

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